A major northeast utility was experiencing dropped signals throughout its generating stations. Consequently, mobility throughout its plants was problematic, causing inefficient data collection, no real-time analysis and diagnostic and sporadic on-the-go access to a business/safety system.


TSI is designing and installing state-of-the-art WiFi wireless network solutions for multiple generating stations to prepare for future application enhancements. The designs focus on “future-proofing” the networks by incorporating switch infrastructure that supports 10 GB transmission rates, industrial dual-radio access points and Category 6 network cabling.
The wireless platforms utilize Cisco Systems Network equipment for the wired and wireless infrastructure. Cisco’s Prime Infrastructure Management software serves as the management platform, which can be expanded to include additional facilities as the wireless build-out continues.
Using software by NetMotion® Wireless, TSI is able to ensure there is network connectivity throughout the plants by allowing for cellular transition in the event the WiFi signal is lost.


The first utility station is now complete and has full plant wireless coverage (cellular and WiFi) that meets rigorous operating conditions using industrial hardened equipment. The wireless coverage includes the administration and personnel areas, in addition to the power plant infrastructure, units, auxiliary systems and perimeter structures.

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