A leading, drinking water treatment plant needed a new, upgraded Ethernet network infrastructure on their plant floor to provide greater access to plant information, maintain production, protect against unplanned interruptions or forced outages, and ensure regulatory compliance.
As a rule, industrial infrastructure requires more thought, identification and planning due to the variation of configured devices. There are critical components that it cannot operate without – programmable logic controllers, HMIs, network, and client and data collection systems. That is why TSI Turtle Services (TSI) started the program for the water treatment plant by performing an assessment of the core technology, and then documenting and implementing a plan for improvements.


The assessment focused on point of failures within the core Industrial Ethernet. Our site findings and recommendations included:
• Opportunities to improve reliability, system availability and security through the implementation of network resiliency or redundancy.
• Standardizing equipment to manage industrial infrastructure in order to streamline recovery in the event of a failure.
• Establishing consistent, documented procedures so plant personnel could manage their own infrastructure.


TSI engineers developed a standard for the plant floor through the Converge Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE) initiative utilizing Cisco Systems and Rockwell Automation. This vendor partnership resulted in a complete line of industrial Ethernet switches (managed, network core, control panel/field switches), network media converters, redundant network cabling, and enhanced dual network power. TSI eliminated all single points of failure and improved overall system reliability.

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