Renewable Energy Systems Assistance for Projects in Los Angeles, CA

Renewable energy systems and other sustainability solutions are more than just optional upgrades for industrial facilities – having the right systems in place is critical to driving down energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint. If you are working on a commercial or industrial building in the Los Angeles area of California and need assistance with energy efficiency upgrades, turn to Turtle & Hughes. We have been serving the electrical and industrial supply needs of a wide variety of companies since 1923, and our commitment to providing the best products and expertise possible includes keeping on top of the latest trends in sustainability and energy conservation.

When you have our Energy Management & Renewable Generation department work with you on your project in Los Angeles, CA, you’ll be able to enjoy services ranging from energy audits to turnkey renewable energy projects for security systems, lighting, infrastructure and other parts of your building. We also offer a wide variety of sustainable energy products, including:


We can further assist you with energy conservation solutions through our Power Distribution & Automation Solutions department (PD&AS), which provides transformers, combiner boxes and other equipment for working with solar and fuel cell systems. Our Electrical Division also includes many other specialized departments, such as Commercial & Industrial Lighting and Global Export, which consist of highly knowledgeable teams of trained experts.

For more information about the renewable energy systems solutions we offer in Los Angeles, CA, contact Turtle & Hughes today.

Renewable Energy Systems Los Angeles CA

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